4 Time-Saving Exercises for Women Over 40



Revitalize Your Perimenopause Journey with PauseFit’s Exclusive Exercise Circuits – Unleash Your Inner Strength!

I’m excited to share some priceless insights as we speak on the significance of mixing workout routines and making a cardio and power coaching circuit tailor-made particularly for this transformative part of life.

Benefits of Circuit Training for Perimenopause:

  1. Hormonal Harmony: Circuit coaching helps regulate hormones throughout Perimenopause, lowering scorching flashes, temper swings, and different frequent signs.

  2. Boosted (*40*): Combining cardio and power workout routines maximizes calorie burn, supporting weight administration throughout this transitional part.

  3. Muscle Preservation: Strength coaching in circuits helps preserve lean muscle mass, which tends to say no with age.

  4. Bone Health: Weight-bearing workout routines like squats and lunges promote bone density, essential for safeguarding towards osteoporosis.

  5. Enhanced Energy: Regular circuit exercises can improve stamina and vitality ranges, combatting fatigue typically skilled throughout Perimenopause.


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Tips for Creating Your Circuit:Exercises for Women over 40

  1. Duration: Aim for a 20-30 minute exercise, together with warm-up and cool-down intervals.

  2. Intensity: Moderate depth is right, difficult your self whereas nonetheless being aware of your physique’s limitations.

  3. Rest Periods: Allow 30-60 seconds between every circuit to get better and catch your breath.

  4. Frequency: 3-4 periods per week can yield glorious outcomes, however take heed to your physique and regulate as wanted.

  5. Exercises: Choose 3-5 Exercises for every Circuit. 

Exercise Ideas:

  1. Squat and Press: Engage your decrease physique and shoulders with this dynamic compound motion.

  2. Lunge and Curl: Work your legs and biceps concurrently for a well-rounded train.

  3. Bridge and Press: Target your glutes and chest in a single seamless movement.

  4. Wall Sits with Woodchop: Engage your core, legs, and shoulders with this efficient full-body train.

Remember, every physique is exclusive. With PauseFit’s fastidiously curated circuit coaching, you’ll embrace Perimenopause confidently and expertise newfound power and vitality.

Stay in contact for extra thrilling suggestions and exercise routines coming your means quickly!


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