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Why there is a High Demand for Full Color Business Cards over Single Color Business Cards?

People choose full-colors business cards or single color cards for their business cards so it can set them apart from others in identity. Business card is used to convey the sublime message to customers so they can select you in present and future. There is no doubt that first inspiration comes from seeing the card that a customer receives from a company’s employee. Is it only the name, personal and professional information that attract people towards a service or a product? No, the design and material and color of the card have the same kind of importance. Other people have a distinctive preference for using full-color business card over the single color business because it is the color psychology that dominates their thinking and personality. They want to follow this psychology in choosing the color of business cards.


Customer and Revenue Factor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Single color cards are used as a brand color which shows a distinctive identity of a brand which does not match with other. Full colors in other way do not provide a distinctive image. However, today businesses are emphasizing more on full-color business card because it provides a unified image. Full-color business card mostly includes the products or services images that increase the chances of pulling more customers in a competitive market. Customers always make an analysis about the company and its products. The full-color card shows that the company has already spent a good amount of money on designing a card by using a full color which shows that their services would also be worthy to consider. Whether it is traveling agency, beauty consultants, or a vehicle agency, full-color business cards are given more importance than single color business cards. Full-color business card generates more revenue than single colors business cards as it conveys a more psychological meaning and interaction to attract a lot of customers.

Cost of Cards Factor

Single color business cards are valuable as they are more economical than full-color business card. The affordability of cards specifically helps those small enterprises who do not generate extra revenue for extra spending. Owners of small business prefer using a single color business card as it is cheaper and it helps in creating a place in the market with other subordinates. On the other hand, big companies see the material used in full-color cards through spending good money as they have enough cards printing

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