How to get your Canadian passport

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Dow Staff asked 9 months ago
Can you tell me how to get Canadian Passport. Need help getting Canadian Passport. I will appreciate if pointed in the right direction.

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How to get your Canadian passport?


People with Canadian citizenship are eligible to get their Canadian passport. You will need a passport to travel abroad. On the Canadian consulate website, you have to choose an appropriate application. Remember, you have to arrange Canadian passport photos to avoid unnecessary delays.




Renewal Passport Application for Adults


You can use this application form if your age was almost 16 years at the time of previous application. The name of the application form must be the same as page 2 of the passport (old passport). Moreover, you have to submit your old




Canadian passport. 


This passport must be expired or valid for almost one year. It must not be damaged or reported stolen or lost. Remember, a passport may be valid for almost 5 to 10 years.




General Passport Application for Adult


If you want to apply for a new passport, make sure to complete an application thoroughly. Incomplete applications can be returned without their processing. You have to download an application, complete it, print and sign.


It is essential to sign every page of the completed application. Moreover, you have to produce references and guarantor. Consult professionals to get Canadian passport photos. Remember, wrong photos can delay the processing of your passport application.




Collect Supporting Documents


You will need supporting documents and proof of Canadian citizenship. An original citizenship certificate or an original birth certificate can serve the purpose. For confirmation of your identity, you have to provide at least one supporting document.


Moreover, attach two identical photos that must not be older for more than six months. It is essential to examine your photographs before submitting your application. Make sure to consider specifications for Canadian passport photos.


Requirements for passport photographs are entirely different for Canadians living in the USA and other states. You have to choose a commercial studio or photographer for photos of a Canadian passport. They should comply with essential photo requirements. If your photos do not meet set standards, these will be rejected.




Photo Requirements


The Canadian passport photos should be sharp, focused and clear. Your face must have neutral expression, clearly visible features and open eyes. Keep your mouth closed instead of smiling. The photo must be free from flash reflections, glare, or shadows.




Child Abroad Passport Application


Make sure to complete your application thoroughly to process it without any delay. You will need supporting documents, such as proof of Canadian citizenship for your child. It is essential to share an original birth certificate, two photographs, and closely examine photos before applying. Moreover, submit the last Canadian passport and photocopies of ID cards of parents.




Pay Fee for Passport


Fees of Canadian passports are subject to modification without any notice because of current fluctuations. You can pay online before applying for a regular adult passport and child passport. Remember, the administrative fee to replace a valid stolen or lost passport is $45.




Processing Time for a Canadian Passport


The present COVID-19 situation may impact the processing time. With limited on-site presence, the standard processing time for Canadian passports is almost 20 business days. Remember, processing time may vary based on the current staffing levels and applications received.




Damaged, Inaccessible, Stolen or Lost Passport


Remember, a Canadian passport is an important document that must be kept at a dry and safe place. Immediately report a stolen or lost passport to terminate its validity. Now, you are unable to use this passport for travel. Instant reporting is essential to avoid its use for different fraudulent purposes.


Take care of your passport to avoid possible issues. Remember, water, and extreme environments can damage a passport. After receiving a passport, you have to read instructions on the ways to keep the passport in the best condition.


You can apply for a new passport if you are under 16 years of age or an adult. Make sure to pay an extra $45 processing fee for an application of stolen or lost passport.




Information for Back of Photographs


The back of one photo must have written information and a stamp showing the details of a photographer. It must contain the complete address and name of the photo studio. You will need a guarantor that should clearly certify your name. The back of the photo should contain a sign of the guarantor.


If you want to renew an adult passport with a renewal application form, you may not need a guarantor. You can wear glasses if your eyes are obvious. There must not be a glare on your lenses.


Hair can be up or down in the photos. Moreover, you are allowed to cover the head as per your religious beliefs. It must not conceal your face. Photos can be in white and black or in colour. The photos are not acceptable with tinted eyeglasses or sunglasses.


Moreover, you have to follow the same rules for child photos. The photos must show the shoulders and head of your child. Hand of your child must not appear in the photographs. For newborn children, there must be no shadow in the background, around the ears and on the shoulders or face.


The passport photos must have neutral expressions. You can’t smile in your passport photos. It is necessary for a facial recognition system to avoid frauds. They verify the identity of a person electronically according to its exclusive facial features. The Canadian passport photos should be free from all problems to speed up the processing of an application.

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