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leaflet vs flyer printing

What is the difference between leaflet and flyer printing?

A leaflet is a printed paper sheet that contains information or advertisement of a product or company. It is used for distributing free among people to pull people towards a thing. The flyer is a small sized handbill which is used for advertisement of product, company, and event. Both the leaflet and the flyer printing are used for conveying a message about a special offer, service event, and for promoting business. The companies first choose printing options of high or low quality to reach out to prospects through leaflets and flyers. Is there is a difference between leaflets and flyers printing? Yes, there is a significant difference among both. The delighting printed flyers are printed on the 15pt card which is of full color and with double or single side options. They are prepared both with matt and gloss finish for increasing the worth of a flyer for prospects. Flyers printing are also a good option as nobody has the time to send thousands of email to people and nobody has the time to read the promotions part of the email section.


Flyers printing are available in various size of the 150gsm economy size which is preferable for less information. 250gsm premium size can be used for useful information with some details. 350gsm exclusive size contains a lot of information required for conveying the extra message. Printing of flyer also depends on your own artwork templates and other options to increase the quality of the flyer. Printed flyers are considered as the efficient way to reach a large group of people with highest quality flyers printing. There are many companies which use eco-friendly materials for printing which make it highly appreciable among others.


Flyers printing push people to read a message and get more customers for a product. Flyers printing is more colorful then leaflet and it contains more information. If the company is working on marketing and sale then they choose flyers than leaflets. There are pre-made templates for flyers which adjust pictures and messages. Flyers printing are easy as the company can choose pre-made templates while leaflet printing requires a lot of work and attention for designing something new for the market and prospects.


Flyer printing is made in a short time while leaflet takes more time in printing. Unlocking the market and standing out becomes very easy when the companies use leaflets and flyers. Both leaflet and flyers are used for advertisement and it depends on a company what method of communication it would choose.flyer printing

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