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Leaflets Printing and Marketing

Leaflets are used for the promotional purpose are small papers that are distributed along with newspapers, magazines, and brochures. These can be printed on different types of paper depending on the purpose and requirement. This printed material is used for advertising and promotional activities. Today leaflets can be designed and ordered for printing online which saves a lot of time and efforts for business. Various means prints these promotional materials such as business leaflets, promotional printing, door-to-door delivery and magazine leaflets.

Leaflets Types

Promotional leaflets such as flyers are printed on different sizes of paper like DL, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, etc. The size can be chosen by the client as desired or required for the promotion. A4 size has an advantage over other paper sizes as these papers give more space to print the required information and can accommodate the entire information related to the event. The leaflets being larger are easily visible at a distance. These size leaflets are used for promotion activities are categorized as premium leaflets.

Next favourite flyer paper sizes A5. This size flyer can be printed in both landscape and portrait. The size of these leaflets is half the size of A4 leaflets and are second popular leaflets size used for promotional activities. Owing to the size these leaflets can be easily slipped in magazines and newspapers and are cost effective as well.

A6 size paper is preferred by most of the buyers. These are smaller when compared to A4 and A5 papers and are one of the cheapest available ones. This promotional material can be printed in both landscape and portrait prints.

A7 and A8 are smallest leaflets available on the market and if you are looking for cheapest printing services then using these sizes is advisable. These leaflets are used as inserts in packaging and other advertising purposes.

DL paper size is used for different promotions, and advertising purposes and these have a different shape than other size leaflets. These can be printed in both landscape and portrait size.

Leaflets Design and Print

Leaflet design and the print is another important aspect of leaflets that needs to be considering when you are planning to get them printed for promotions or advertising purposes. The design is one of the essential parts of the printing, and without proper design, the entire aim of the promotion is lost. Interesting and attractive designs attract customers attention which helps in succeeding the purpose of the promotion. The design should be appealing, unique and stand out and should closely related to the purpose of the promotion to the reach the target audience. The design should be appropriate to the industry you are promoting to make it attractive to the readers.

Trendier patterns and colours are used for the flyers used to target younger generations whereas simple designs and elegant colours for matured population. The design, print, colours, and font used will enable the consumers to decide instantly whether the leaflet is appropriate for them or not.

Pictures are another important aspects of leaflet printing. Generic pictures picked randomly from software program or websites will not be of great help for the promotion. The picture used in the leaflet should be customized to the promotional information in the flyer to make it more appealing to the consumers. Routine pictures from the website and other software are often ignored by people as they get to see them frequently in other flyers too. Choosing a thoughtful picture that is applicable or related to the product or service promoted in the flyer will create a good impression for the customer.

Appropriate Size

The size of the leaflet is another thing that needs to be considered when you are planning to get one printed for a promotion or an event. Many businesses think that a standard piece of paper that is economical and fits their budget will do the job which is not true. The size of the paper should be appropriate for the information that will be printed, big paper and less information leaving huge space does not look good and also a small paper with loads of information can cause confusion and disinterest the customer from reading the information. The flyer should come in loose folds and help the consumer to open and fold it quickly whenever required. The leaflets should not be too big as it will not fit the pocket and often get thrown away before it is read.leaflets


Leaflet printing can a DIY project if you are little creative and aware of the leaflets usefulness. The flyers can be printed all by yourself with the help of superior leaflets printers using appropriate printing material. However, experience and expertise in the field is required to give the leaflets more professional look along with high-quality printers and printing material.



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