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Spot UV Business Cards

Go Classic with Premium Business Cards with Spot UV Business Cards

Many professional working in the fashion and media industry prefer decorating Premium business cards with spot UV gloss. Making spot UV business cards is accomplished through applying UV gloss to the surface of the card which creates a shiny and very clear layer on the card. The design on the card does not change and the printed artwork becomes more prominent and attractive for everyone who sees it. It grabs direct attention by creating subtle design elements which reflect the light.

Spot UV Business Cards can be made through contacting different companies who offer the services of standard semi-gloss coating and smooth matte laminate coating. If you want to experiment to see the difference between matte finish on the card and high-shine spot UV then you can print two cards with both services.
There are also the options of applying the effect on selective parts of the business card such as the logo or the name of the company. You can also highlight your position by applying for Spot UV Business Cards on it. Creating subtle patterns is a very effective option for business cards of designers, beauticians, and artists. Little spot UV also looks very beautiful on some of the cards with more embossed text.

Check the Cost of Service

To let you go in more a comfortable zone, it is necessary to inform you that the service is not very expensive and anyone can easily get it by consulting with an efficient firm working in this sector.
Experts say that blind embossing and UV design go hand in hand and looks very beautiful at the final touch. Stylish gold details through UV designs are very famous among wedding planners business cards.

See the Difference

Spot gloss is the shiny and chic effect which is applied to specific portions of the design for making it eye-catching piece. Silky matte paper can be used for making spot UV business cards.
Raised spot gloss is very textured and surprising to unprinted sections of business cards. People admire this effect as it gives the chance of touching the wonderful, raised, and a tactile surface of the card trough raised spot gloss. An element layer of spot UV makes the effects more interesting while the car layer increases the soft touch of the matte finish on the card. There are many other ways to which you can add beauty to your business cards. However, Spot UV Business Cards is the best option for creating amazing effect.

Contact Different Companies

One of such companies to contact as spot uv business cards printing service provider is The Imaging Professionals.

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