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Digital Flyers Printers VS Lithographic Flyers Printers

Digital Flyers Printers VS Lithographic Flyers Printers

Printing cost is a matter of concern for many companies as the high extended cost may indicate that you are not able to afford the cost of flyers, leaflets, or any useful document. Affordability of a service plays a very important role in every company and organisation as nobody wants to spend more in marketing through flyers printers and get less revenue. The dimensions of quality and cost depending on the quantity of a brochure, poster and a flyer are complicated when it comes to balance everything and get the more quality product. However, the town famous solution of printing types, digital flyers printers, and lithographic flyers printers makes it is easy to choose what best suits you.

Digital Flyer Printers

The two techniques of flyer printers are used to deliver the same kind of product but the processes are quite different from each other. Digital printing process involves receiving the information in PDFs or PNGs file and then it converts the given design by printing it on the print map which is a process of laying multiple or one ink directly on the sheet of paper. Commercial printers carry more standard while domestic DeskJet printer also works with the same process. The method of digital printing is also famous as colour laser printing with the option of wax based ink for producing images on the paper. The function of digital printing is faster than lithographic printing as it prints a large amount of sheet by one command for all. It is the reason; it is the more demanding method of printing in the modern age. The cost of digital printing is higher than lithographic printing.

Lithographic Flyer Printer

Lithographic printing is made through sending a digital design to the printer engraving on a metal plate. In the next step of the operator covers the plate with ink and rolls on the paper with the perfect replication of design. Modern lithographic flyers printers are simple but advance in work. This process of printing is suitable for printing of a lot of flyers. It is a traditional method used for printing thousands of copies with a fast speed. The sizeable number of copies remains higher with the advancement of printing tools of litho printing. The surprising fact about the cost of a lot of flyers printed is that there would be a small amount of printing 2000 and 4000 prints.


If you want your company to choose one of the right flyer printers then you first have to analyse the cost and the requirement which would make it easy to make a better decision at the end.

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