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Google AMP for web designer

Google AMP: What It Means For You & Your Web Designer.

Website and Google AMP.

Top notch web designer must have heard of the Google AMP? It is an abbreviation of “Accelerated Mobile Pages”. This is open source project which assists the web publishers in making the content which loads much so quickly even on the mobile phones. This is also created to give good mobile experience by making sure that the sites show across various platforms as well as devices.

What does this mean for the site?

Basically, Google AMP focuses on the news site. But, It is particularly relevant to the online publishers including e-commerce websites and all types of various sites. Apparently, as Google is at the back of AMP so it is obvious that they would factor the websites into the rankings of search engines. You might also think that the amp adoption would be high due to this reason.

SEO and Google AMP

According to Google, websites which use AMP would not see the “massive boost” in the search rankings. But, Google has already practiced the “site speed” as the ranking for some time; hence any technology which enhances such aspect of a site would also boost the search ranking. Moreover, when sites powdered by the Google AMP load quickly then they would see lower bouncing rate. Our web development team Coventry is offering SEO packages.


Google AMP and UX

This is the latest technology. It would also impact user experience and design. Now, a few technologies which power sites and make these feel and look in a specific way have not worked properly with the AMP. It is so because technology limits how you might use some scripts and codes to make the pages load as quickly as possible. UX designers and web designers would keep these facts in their minds while designing sites for the Google AMP.

The Future

Google AMP is becoming famous day by day. It has greater chances of becoming widely used standard as well as future of cellular web rather than some other technologies because of the reality that Google is supporting it. Definitely, Google’s the search engine powerhouse. Hence, when it is determined to do anything, many people follow it.

It means that all of the site designers, SEO professionals, web developers, and UX experts must give this consideration. Contact web development team Coventry to learn more!



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