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Matt Laminated Cards VS Gloss Laminated Cards

Matt Laminated Business Cards VS Gloss Laminated Business Cards

Lamination refers to an application of some material on the card or paper which changes the appearance of the paper and makes it a texture more strong. Lamination gives a smoother and higher nice feeling while touching the card. The two types of lamination are matt lamination and gloss lamination with a basic difference in shine between them. Laminated business cards are very famous in the current market as the shine of laminated card let the personality of a person shine because of its own elegance. Laminated business cards are considered very valuable when people show concern about the protection of their cards. Lamination provides protection on cards by adding the last flourishing on introduction part of your conversation with the employee.

Difference of Looks

Matt lamination is famous for protecting the surface of the laminated business cards. Matt card is covered with the ultra-thin layer of matt plastic on frontage and flipside of the card which gives a unique texture to the card. It offers protection that is necessary for any kind of business card. Protection against discoloration and fading is one of the qualities of matte plastic on mat laminated cards that customers appreciate very much. Gloss laminated is the kind which has a shiny appearance of lamination material. It is used for decorating the card for enhancing its looks.

Difference of Material

Silk or gloss lamination cards gives a charming identity to you by showing the quality of the material used in lamination. There are a lot of ranges of paper sizes that are available in the printing shops for customizing different aspects of card’s looks. Gloss laminated business cards provide the luscious laminated effect to the card paper. It looks great than the matt laminated cards as matt does not provide the shine required. The fabulous look of gloss laminated cards increases the worth of your business and helps in making an admirable impression in front of your customer or prospect.


Difference of Cost

Matt laminated business cards are much cheaper than gloss laminated business cards as glossy paper carries the additional cost. The high quality of gloss laminated cards makes it more expensive then matt cards so if the customer pays the large amount, she/he would also see the value of the money spent in buying the product.

Both types of laminated business cards are considered efficient and super products. However, the cost and reliability differs and depends on the material used on them. You can choose the one you like for your business identity.

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