Passport Photos Coventry. If you are looking for where to get ID photos, Visa Photos or Passport Photos taken, visit The Imaging Professionals located at 173a Walsgrave Road, Coventry CV2 4HH for excellent and quality ID Photo, Visa Photo and Passport Photo. Your photo will be taken inside a controlled lighting photographic studio by an experienced photographer. ID Photos, Passport Photos, Visa Photos including OCI Visa Photos taken will be trimmed down to required size as indicated by various application requirements.

We would also like to teach you how to make your own passport photos at home in case you consider not needing an expert service by The Imaging Professionals. The Imaging Professionals can produce instant Visa Photos and Passport Photos for the following countries: UK, US, Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, Pakistan, India, China, North Korea, Australia, Sweeden, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, Malasia, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and others not listed above.

The Imaging Professionals also provides photo enlargement and photo restoration. With us, there is no long waiting time! Visa Photos and Passport Photos are produced within 3-5mins. These visa photos can be used for travel visa, OCI Visa Application, US Visa Application and others. Come to The Imaging Professionals for any Passport Photos and Visa Photos photo size requirements. Be it UK 35mmx45mm spec, U.S 2×2 inches or OCI 50mmx50mm, The Imaging Professionals can produce them while you wait. Please visit our website for further information:




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