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    This is very true. Digital photography has also empowered people who always had a heart for fashion and maybe unable to market themselves. Its a good starting point.

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    Scott Summers

    This is no surprise since we are on the digital age now. Although this article showcases old school camera techniques. I love that.

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    Alex Summers

    Lighting and color are vital in photography digital or not. Me I prefer the multi colored well lit shots. Although, I am aware that should the situation calls for it. Dim and black & white could work too.

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    Maury Cheskes

    Great suggestions. It’s interesting how stocks take play with digital photography. I agree that you should seize every moment by always having a camera on you and an eye for good shots.

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    Mozer Torancher

    Awesome tips to emphasize color and definition in every photo. It’s also true that your work is open to interpretation and should have that connection to subject and background.

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    Thank you so much for the wonderful tips and blog. I think the fashion industry needs to step up there game when it comes to poses as well. I am not a big fan of over exaggerated poses so they should keep the poses simple yet elegant to look at.

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    Danielle M

    Thanks for sharing this post, I study fashion designe but unfortunatly my plan of studio doesn’t include photography, so I love when I read posts like yours that can be helpfull.

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    I liked your post very much, I’m not a fashion photographer but I had to make some bridal pictures for a wedding dress not so long ago. It was very hard to capture the small details from the dress , but after Reading your tips I realice what could have been the posible mistakes that I made when taking the pictures.

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    Well stated digital photography is the in thing now both online and offline. photo editing can now be done to create a more creative and artistic photos which will help give one great photos.

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    This will really help amateur photographers to know how to take some good fashion photos. Lighting should really be considered before taking a shot.

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    A fashion photographer should learn to make an artistic photo so that the photo will be more beautiful and outstanding. Digital photos are always awesome.

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    Digital photography is really a big boost to any industry because one would always have sharp and neat photos since it is digital. I like digital photos.

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