Top 10 Caribbean Restaurants in UK

Top 10 Caribbean Restaurants in UK

Unpretentious, authentic and fragrant, Caribbean cuisine is exceptionally delicious. Fortunately, London and Coventry have an ever-growing blowout of super locations across the area. Whether you want to enjoy hot jerk, rum-soaked soul foods or patties, there are plenty of spots to have delicious Caribbean food. For your convenience, we have a list of top 10 Caribbean restaurants in UK.

  1. No1 Delicious Caribbean Takeaway

This Caribbean Restaurant is a beautiful spot on 88 Clay Lane Coventry. The menu is well-priced and varied. All the principles are riffed on: from Fritters & Dumplings to jerker Chicken Dinner, Oxtail Dinner, Curry Mutton Dinner and Curry Chicken Dinner.

  1. Three Little Birds

This beautiful spot on Brixton’s Coldharbour Lane. The menu is well-priced and varied. They entertain their guests with a magnanimous rum bar for wet stuff. All the principles are riffed on: from fritters of saltfish to jerker burger, oxtail ragu, and goat curry.

  1. Cottons Restaurant and Rhum Shack

The actual branch of Camden of Cottons is the oldest joint. This third branch has elevated the standards to make them refined. You must try the taste of classic oxtail abound, saltfish and jerk chicken. You must try the taste of grilled halloumi with royale couscous, steamed sea bass with banana leaf and caesar salad. They hold the Guinness record for selling maximum variations of rum.

  1. Fish, Wings, and Tings

Enjoy the seafood of Brixton Village. They serve jerk sauce, kingfish curry with peas and rice, pepper prawns and codfish fritters. You can find loads of tings from goat rotis to split-pea fritters through to oxtail stew and jerk chicken.

  1. Turtle Bay

A buzzy eating place is famous for its energized atmosphere and an extensive menu of coconutty, jerky, spicy nibbles, barbecue, burgers, salads, stews, sides, and sandwiches. You will find plenty of imported ciders, beers and rum. It is one of the best Caribbean restaurants.

  1. Ma Petite Jamaica

This cheerful reggae bar and jerk pit is a vibrant eatery and the finest place to enjoy delicious meals. You can get huge portions at reasonable prices. You can enjoy fritters, dumpling, baked, fried and stewed beasties from the seashore. The jerk pit is famous for the snapper, chicken, and cow.

  1. Caribbean Smokehouse Levi Roots

In the world of food, Levi Roots is a modest place to enjoy the Caribbean cuisine. You may not find the best jerk joint of the city, but this vibrant place and its great menu can do the magic. They offer gallons of Reggae sauce so it could be a reason to visit.

  1. Caribbean Kitchen

This unprepossessing joint was called Café Heath. If you need patties, plantain, mac and cheese, soups, peas and rice, escovitch fish, butter beans, oxtail, curried goat, stewed or jerk chicken, this will be the right place for you.

  1. Boom Burger

Munch a delicious burger and lots of rum punch in Notting Hill at Boom burger. You can try this burger with pawpaw slaw, mango, plantain, and jerk chicken. If you want to do something different, chop around a Mad Boom with bacon jam, cheese, and two patties.

  1. Mama Flo’s, Stockport

Dishes include curry goat, jerk chicken and that almost falls off the bone its no wonder word of mouth spread fast about Mama Flo’s Stockport offering that have proved addictive to many first timers of Caribbean food.


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