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Top Jamaican Restaurants in Croydon

Top Jamaican Restaurants in Croydon.

The laid back and relaxed, yet attentive and friendly service you get in Jamaica. Lively atmosphere, exotic cocktails and delectable food for five-star experience accompany the excellent service.

Yah-So is the new Jamaican restaurant where you can choose a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes along with traditional jerk chicken and meat curries. While visiting Whitehorse Road in Thornton Heath, you could enjoy the tangy flavors of plantain and jerk tofu, peas, and rice, jerk pork or shredded beef.

Guests are free to choose their eating place like at the bar or table or in a cubicle. The food menu contains everything like spicy king prawns and jerk burgers. If you want to taste the best of Jamaican cuisine in London, Yah-So is the right place for you. The courteous service, vibrant food, and additive atmosphere are enough to impress anyone.

Food for Vegan Population

Owners Yvonne Clarke and Andrew Dell are the founders of this fabulous eatery. This restaurant is a successful effort to offer Jamaican vegetarian food with a healthy twist.

Yvonne explained that they want to entertain the vegetarians or vegan population of London. Many folks in south London prefers vegan food. They are enthusiastic to eat healthy, fresh and sustainable food.

The several Caribbean and Jamaican restraints offer limited variety for vegetarian diners. While deciding on the menu, the couple wanted to keep everything authentic and inclusive. They are serving traditional dishes along with dishes like vegetarian curries and jerk tofu.

At Yah-So, you can get corn on the cob, jerk steak, and fish fillets. These are marinated and grilled to keep everything flavorsome and healthy.

To make everything special, Yvonne and Andrew have designed a special drinks menu with a broad assortment of tropical run-based cocktails like pina coladas, stormies and dark and mojitos. Yvonne has introduced this assortment to offer something special other than ice-based cocktails.

Exclusive Sitting Arrangement

You can enjoy the actual flavor of drinks because they use less ice in their drinks. The restaurant offers 48 seats and fancy arrangements for cocktail lovers at their bar. Diners can enjoy their meals in cozy booths.

The size and layout of this space are excellent for intimacy and privacy. If you need traditional and authentic Caribbean food in South London, you must visit Yah-So. The restaurants open from 2 pm to midnight daily to provide healthy meals to customers.

The vibrant location and eclectic menu promise to provide a pleasant dining experience. With entertainment, appetizing food and music, you can enjoy delicious meals in an energetic atmosphere.

Fortunately, Yah-So is serving health-conscious, vegan and vegetarian eaters of London. You must visit this place with your friends or family members. It will be a great place to enjoy authentic Caribbean food with a unique touch.

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