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How to Improve User Experience on Your E-Commerce Site

Improving the User Experience on Your E-Commerce Site

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Most crucial part of a website design is User Experience (UX). There’re several reasons why. Very first one is its impression which the UX and website design gives to its visitor. Suppose somebody visits your online store or site and do not know about its navigation then they would surely have a bad opinion about your business. Suppose that you have walked into the bricks and mortar store. Walkways were not organized well and there’s none of the labels or signage. It was very tough to walk into this store. Will you still wish to spend your time there? Of course not.ecommerce site

There is another basis that the UX is crucial is because this assists the customers and boosts sales. It is very crucial to make a nice impression at first sight on the customer and you also need to assist them in finding what they’re searching for. It not just makes the transaction easily and more convenient, but this also boosts sales as well as conversions. If someone finds what they are searching for, they are going to purchase something. If it is easy to search more products people are looking for then they would purchase.
Following are some useful techniques to enhance UX of the eCommerce website and increase sales.

Use Photos

Everybody likes to first see that what he is shopping for, hence you should make sure that your site has large and clear photos. It is specifically correct for a featured area or hero image on your website. Always use an uncluttered and simple design in such area and you need not to use so many words. So, you should avoid giving so many confusing options because people might be overwhelmed. Try to make it clear what your site sells. If you are specialized in the athletic shoes, for instance, then try to make it sure that the hero image on your site is a good photo of the shoe.

Assist Users to Navigate

Navigating must be easy to navigate through your site. A nice idea might be to list broad, general categories in the navigation menu and on the homepage. You should limit the main menu to 5 to 7 options along with titles. For instance, make categories like WOMEN’S SHOES, MEN’S SHOES, KIDS SHOES, etc. than TRAINING, PRODUCTS, SIZES, etc. The first one is much clear. Hence simple navigation is an attractive site design. As a web development team Coventry, we’re here to assist!

Filter Down

You must give users the ability for filtering down the search. Once somebody clicks on the main category, you provide them subcategories in order to look through. You might want to add filters for price, color, size, style, etc. It depends on the items you are selling. Also, make filters simple and easy.

Avoid Clutter

You need to avoid so much going on. In case you’ve conflicting offers and various different categories and promotions highlighted on one page then people would not know exactly where to click. People are also more likely to miss on what they are looking for as they are distracted due to confusing promotions and images. So, stick to quite a simple and easy site design. In order to avoid all this, kindly contact us and get more about the web design services!

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